Two-thirds of the U.S. is going through a heatwave; temperatures up to 110 degrees expected through Monday

Two-thirds of the U.S. is going through a scorching heatwave and it's expected to last through Monday!

The National Weather Service tweeted this map showing the heat index values stretching from the Rockies to the East Coast. Several states will get temperatures in the mid to upper-90s, while others could see temperatures reach 110 degrees!

More than 130 million Americans are under a heat watch. In New York, officials are warning people about how hot it can get in the subways.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said "Be really mindful, if you don't need to go somewhere, don't go somewhere. It's kind of like we say in blizzards. This is now the heat equivalent of a blizzard if we're going up above 100 degrees. Don't go out if you don't need to go out. It's not business as usual."

In Missouri are saying the heat will be so extreme that anyone without air conditioning could be at risk. In Oklahoma, the Department of Transportation tweeted a photo of a road that buckled due to the heat.

Authorities in several states say they've gotten dozens of calls for heat-related issues. Paramedics say most of their symptoms include nausea, disorientation, dehydration, dizziness and muscle cramps. There've also been several reports of hot car deaths and authorities are reminding people to not leave their kids in the car.

The National Weather Service says about 20 to 30 record highs are possible Friday and Saturday.