Three more Seattle police officers under investigation for attending US Capitol riot

At least four Seattle police officers are under investigation for attending the Jan. 6 rally that led to an attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Two days after the deadly attack, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said three officers posted pictures of themselves at the Capitol on social media. Those three officers were placed on administrative leave pending an independent investigation.

The Office of Police Accountability, the independent agency tasked with investigating officer misconduct for the Seattle Police Department, said two more Seattle PD officers have since self-reported being at the Capitol.

Andrew Myerberg, the OPA director, said there may be more.

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It's unknown whether any of the Seattle police officers in attendance entered the Capitol. Chief Diaz said the first three officers placed on leave were off-duty and out-of-uniform.

Diaz said officers are free to participate in "lawful" activities allowed by the First Amendment. If any of the officers are found to have entered the Capitol, they'll be fired immediately, Diaz said.

"I made it very clear when I assumed this position, that any violation of community trust or any action that threatens our ability to serve this city will be met with full accountability. We cannot violate the same laws we are sworn to protect. We cannot allow violent or intimidating direct action to become acceptable in our society. If any SPD employee participated directly in assaulting the Capitol, I will terminate them. This department DOES NOT believe in or support this type of behavior," said Diaz in a statement.

The investigations will take 30 days, according to OPA.