Two more high school stadiums in Puget Sound targeted by wire thieves

FEDERAL WAY – Two more school stadiums were targeted by wire thieves in the Puget Sound.

Federal Way Public Schools and Kent School District were the latest victims of wires stolen from lighting systems. Edmonds School District was the first of the group to be victimized.

Police officers in Kent and Edmonds said thieves stole the wires for the copper inside.

Federal Way Public Schools was forced to reschedule its Friday night football game at Memorial Field to a 3:30 p.m. kick off since the lighting system did not work. Students said, usually, there was nothing like Friday night football at the stadium.

“It’s loud, everyone is participating, everyone is joining in with the people that are trying to get everyone up and it’s very fun,” said Kaden Duffin, a senior at the high school.

The senior and some of his friends said they still planned to go to the game, though the sunlight would change the gameday atmosphere.

“I think that it might not be as loud. It might not be as energetic I think,” said Duffin.

“I think people prefer it to be at night. People are kind of disappointed, but I think it should still be fun,” said Zak Nor.

An officer with the Federal Way Police Department said the wires theft were reported stolen on Thursday.

French Field in Kent was hit Wednesday. Puget Sound Energy turned off power to the wires so the district’s electrician could replace them. Thieves cut wires at Edmonds Stadium last Friday, which caused a nighttime football game being canceled and other sporting events rescheduled.

Maintenance at Federal Way worked to find out what repairs were needed to get the lights back on and estimate how much it would cost. Officials with the school district said they hoped to have everything up and running again by Monday.

Police said tracking down copper thieves was not easy. Anyone who may see or hear something suspicious around stadiums was encouraged to call the police.