Two men sentenced to 25 years each for brutal Kirkland 'thrill' attack

SEATTLE -- A judge sentenced two men to 25 years each in prison for nearly killing a man in Kirkland they didn't even know.

The family of Deep Rawat addressed the King County Superior Court in front of the two men who tried to brutally murder him one year ago.

"This was not hatred," Rawat's mother said. "This was not drugs. This was pleasure in killing and hurting somebody."

Vincent Sisounoung, 22, and Blessing Gainey, 20, pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted murder and burglary. Both admitted to breaking into the family's Kirkland home and trying to kill the 18-year-old, stabbing him in the head, shoulder and legs.

Rawat's family said the two men did it just to be able to watch someone die -- a thrill killing.

"These perpetrators were looking for a random house and a random human being to carry out their sick and twisted fantasies," Rawat's sister said.

Rawat's physical wounds have healed, but mentally he still struggles.

"It's definitely a big step and move forward," Rawat said. "I mean, it happened a year ago or so; some of the wounds mentally are still kind of fresh, but this is definitely a large step."

The two men were arrested by police about a week after the attack.

Investigators say Sisounong told them he wanted to see the victim "fight for his life."