Two brothers set out on six month road trip in school bus to help save the planet

POULSBO, WA - Two brothers are remodeling an old school bus, so they can live in it while they drive down the coast working to educate school children on the dangers of plastic on the environment.

Hans Schippers, 23-years-old, and his brother Nick Schippers, 26-years-old, are getting ready for the trip of a lifetime. The two brothers are driving down the coast in an old school bus.

“We’re in the process of getting some beds in here, a kitchen, and basically we’re going to live out of it,” said Hans Schippers.

Schippers says the bus is 26 feet and they got it from the Mukilteo School District. Schippers, his father, and Schippers older brother Nick have been working to remodel the bus.

The trip down the coast has a larger purpose, one that makes the brothers means of transportation seem very fitting.

“We’re not going to sit back and do nothing,” said Schippers.

Hans and Nick Schippers are drive this bus from Seattle to San Diego over the next six months. Their goal is to stop at schools along the way and teach children the dangers of plastic on the environment.

“It’s getting worse, and worse. Twelve billion tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. It’s a problem. I know there is a problem there. Nick knows there is a problem there. So, we’re not going to sit back and not do anything about it,” said Schippers.

The brothers are working with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a group that does similar work in Hawaii.

The brothers goal is to reach 10k kids from kindergarten to 12th grade with their message.

It’s been an effort, and an expense so far. The Schippers say they’ve invested about $16k out-of-pocket on the trip. But they say their efforts are worth it.

“To see the look on the kids’ faces when we come out of classes, and just know those local communities will be better because we were there is a lot more satisfying than any number of money,” said Schippers.

The brothers are working to raise funds to help with the cost of the trip.

Saturday at 5pm they will have a fundraiser at Ravenna Brewing in Seattle.

They also have a GoFundMe.