TV host shares photo of giant stingray, says it may be ‘largest freshwater fish ever captured'

THAILAND -- Animal planet host and conservationist Jeff Corwin has posted a photo on Facebook of what could be of the ‘largest freshwater fish ever captured.’

Corwin said the animal is a giant freshwater stingray and it measured over 14 feet long and more than 8 feet wide.

“This stingray was captured with the world's leading specialist on these animals Dr Ning, the information from her study is solely for conservation, and as you can see in the picture this is the moment of release, the animal is doing well and thriving,” wrote Corwin on Facebook.

The giant freshwater stingray species is found in south and southeast Asia in large lakes and rivers.  Experts say the animal is not usually aggressive toward humans, but its sting is covered in a toxic mucus and it can pierce bone.

Corwin and his ‘Ocean Mysteries’ team is reportedly working on a future episode of the show featuring the giant creature.