Tukwila Standoff: Suspect dead, victim injured

TUKWILA, Wash. --  One man is dead after a police standoff ended in gunshots. A victim was injured.

It happened at the Pyramid Pointe Apartment in Tukwila after police say two men got into a fight.  One man took out his shotgun and shot at the other man.  The shooting victim then got into his car and fled the scene toward the Tukwila Police Station.

However, he ended up crashing his car just outside the station.  People nearby tried to help the victim and called 911.  When police arrived, they say the shooting victim told them what happened and that the man who shot him was still back at Pyramid Pointe Apartments.

Police say they asked the suspect to come out of his apartment several times.  But they say he fired at them and they returned fire, killing the suspect.  The officers who fired their weapons will be placed on administrative leave during this investigation.

Dozens of people stood outside on the corners and on balconies trying to see what was going on.  Many of them captured the events on their cellphones.

“A lot of crimes on a daily basis.  I’m not surprised,” said Alisa Mutapic.

“It makes me afraid. I live right behind this building,” said Dereje Teshome.

“Well, bullets go through walls. It’s a big concern and people with guns firing in apartment complexes is obviously a serious threat so our first concern is getting people back and getting people to safety but these things can develop very quickly,” said Tukwila Police Sgt. Mike Murphy.

The initial shooting victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.