Truck carrying equipment for Special Olympics stolen in Tukwila

Special Olympics Washington says a truck full of sports equipment was stolen in Tukwila over the weekend.

The athletic organization said the truck was recovered late Monday night, but have yet to inventory all the items to figure out what was stolen.

Officials said a U-Haul they rented to carry equipment was stolen late Sunday night in Tukwila. The truck reportedly contained Special Olympics Washington banners and signs, medals and other gear.

"To say we’re disappointed is an understatement," reads a Facebook post from the organization, "especially since the items in the truck are worthless to the thieves, but so vital for producing priceless experiences for our athletes."

Tukwila Police are investigating the case.

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Anyone with information on the thievery or who has seen any stolen items is urged to call Tukwila Police at (206) 241-2121.