Race for Pierce County Sheriff features two department veterans and an 'anti-racist grandma'

The race for the Pierce County Sheriff is getting a lot of attention. 

So let's give you more insight on the candidates on the ballot -- who are both longtime veterans with the department.

Det. Ed Troyer has 35 years of experience with the department and who ran away with 52% of the primary vote in August. Currently, Troyer is a spokesperson for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office. 

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He's also a big community volunteer and has the endorsement of the former county sheriff, Paul Pastor.

His opponent, Lt. Cyndie Fajardo, has been with the sheriff's department for 32 years. She's held command positions in patrol, narcotics, search and rescue, community programs, and local precincts. Fajardo has the endorsement of the deputy's union.

Then there is the write-in candidate who's getting attention online. Janice Bridges is being called the "anti-racist grandma."

She spent 17 years working in the juvenile court system. Bridges said, she doesn't have a snowballs chance of winning.Still, she’s getting attention for her push to defund police. She says it's time we change the way we police, especially, in communities of color.