Troopers looking for witnesses who saw suspect throw rocks at cars on SR-900 in Renton

Drivers in Renton are feeling uneasy saying someone is throwing rocks on a popular highway, SR-900, smashing their windows. 

Washington State Patrol says four cars have been hit in the last two weeks, two in just the last two days. 

It’s about a mile stretch at SR-900 drivers say a man has been targeting drivers for weeks. 

It allegedly started with the man throwing water bottles making small cracks in windshields but its escalated and they say he’s now throwing rocks. 

A driver says they saw the man carrying a shovel on Wednesday – and is worried he will strike again if he isn't caught.  

Danny Engels who moved to Renton a year ago from Germany says things had been pretty calm until Tuesday when his window was shattered. 

"It was a massive bang, it was super loud and I had glass all over me and glass throughout the entire car just flying around," Engels said. 

Engles recalls the sound of a rock smashing through his car windshield as he was on his way home from a doctor's appointment. 

The loud bang caused by a man walking on the side of the road catching the 32-year-old off guard as he drove down SR-900 from Issaquah to Renton, he pulled over and called 911. 

A Good Samaritan also stopped to help check on him after witnessing what happened. 

"I was lucky maybe through experience as an experienced driver to not slam the brakes because I was in traffic, or go on the wrong side of the road, I just kept driving in that moment," Engels said. 

A busy thoroughfare Engels says is now notoriously known for the same man screaming threatening drivers and forcing them to slow down as the alleged attacker stands in the middle of the road. 

Engels’s window smashed Tuesday afternoon another driver hit less than 24 hours later Wednesday. 

"Just imagine that rock hits, goes through the windshield, hits you on your head, worst case, right? And then you're just a car going down the street without any control, there's so much bad things that can happen there," Engels said. 

A concern Washington State Patrol shares as they too have been notified about the ongoing attacks. 

"We will find this individual and arrest him. This is just dangerous, it's obviously a horrific hazard if somebody gets hit," Trooper Rick Johnson said.  

Community members have taken matters into their own hands placing signs throughout the stretch of road warning drivers of the man they say is causing the damages and putting lives at risk. 

"You don't want to drive that street  and just go there and think, well, is there rock coming my way? Right, that should not be the case and currently, we don't have confirmation that we are safe," Engels said. 

Residents have also taken to social media posting photos of the man they say is behind the attacks.  

Still, WSP says they don’t have a solid description of him to make an arrest. 

Many worry what will happen if the man isn't caught quickly.  

"Where does it escalate? What's the next thing that will be flying at cars? Right? How bad doesn't have to be until we could do something about it," Engels said. 

WSP says they’re investigating but need victims and/or witnesses to call them and make statements to determine if this is the same individual. 

Additionally, officials say troopers do patrol the area frequently and while they’ve responded to several incidents they have not been able to locate the man residents claim is behind these incidents.