Trees, power lines threatened as strong winds head into Western Washington

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Another big storm is on its way with 60 mph gusts predicted from the coast to Whatcom County.

Emergency management officials are bracing for more power outages because trees in the area have been getting hammered over and over again by high winds.

“For the most part you’re going to see more trees down because they’ve been hit 1, 2, 3 times,” said Bellingham Emergency Manager Paul Gazdik.

The trees that once swayed too close to power lines along Maplewood Avenue in Bellingham hopefully no longer threaten Dan and Jen Conway’s power.

“Last year we lost power and it was for 3-4 days,” said Dan.

The couple has three massive tropical fish tanks, which become deadly for their pets when the power goes out.

“There’s lots of money invested in fish,” said Jen. “I didn’t want to see any of them die.”

This time around, the Conways have small generators at the ready just in case.

“I’ve already got my generators, I’ve already got my battery powered pumps,” Jen said. “Everything’s already gassed up, ready to go.”

Generators can help keep the lights on but they can also be deadly if they’re not placed in a well-ventilated area.

“You want to keep them outside,” said Gazdik. “You don’t want them on the inside because you’re going to end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning.”

The high wind warning begins late Thursday morning and through the afternoon. The winds will be steady at 25-30 mph with gusts reaching up to 60mph.