Traxx Indoor Raceway fun for kids - and kids at heart

MUKILTEO, Wash. -- There’s a popular saying that “Youth is wasted on the young,” but that problem is easily solved when anyone, of any age, steps into Mukilteo’s Traxx Indoor Raceway.

For 20 years, they’ve served the Northwest and manager Chris Kruse (yes, that’s his real name) has been here since nearly the beginning.

I started off just as a track flagger in high school and worked my way up and through the process, became a manager and I’ve been the manager for about 15 years,” says Kruse.

A testament to the business and, more importantly, the Mukilteo community, Kruse takes pride in his roots as both a resident and employee.

Adult karts can reach 25-30 mph and their custom-made karts for kids go about 7-10 mph. Kids ranging in ages 3-5 have a battery-powered car that’s equipped with one pedal, which makes it easy to use. The 6-10-year-old drivers have smaller scale gas cars that promise to go fast, but not too fast - just enough to give drivers a thrill.

From young to old, kid’s birthdays to bachelor parties, Traxx Indoor Raceway continues to be the place to come for fun.