Train crash survivor: 'Going around the curve ... we're going way too fast to be tilting like this'

DUPONT, Wash. -- Some of the survivors of the train crash recounted their experiences to Q13 News Monday.

Passenger Scott Claggett said, "I was going around the curve. We started to tilt and you're just like, we're going way too fast to be tilting like this. The car tilted, everything started flying toward me. People started flying toward me. There was glass, smoke."

Patricia Freeman: "The train tipped and screeched and then just slammed on to its side. On the floor like a pinball and everything on that car was rubble."

Anthony Raimondi: "Felt train leaning towards the side and then pretty much everything wen dark. Things were flying around."

Emma Shafer: "It was really, really difficult visibility. Once you kind of got your bearings, the only light you could really see was where the two trains cars normally connect. It kind of felt like the end of the world, like you just came out of a nuclear bunker and you're standing there amongst all this wreckage."

Aleksander Kristiansen: "People with scratches. Nothing serious in my car. I saw passengers from elsewhere on the train that were hurt very badly. I was in horror. Really, really scary experience."