Tragedy in Renton: 'She misses her mom, she's asking where her mom is'

RENTON, Wash. -- The heartbroken fiance of the 33-year-old Renton woman killed when a tree fell in Monday's storm and crushed her car is trying to cope with the tragedy and help their 4-year-old daughter who doesn't understand why her mother is not with them.

"She misses her mom. She's asking where her mom is," Norman said Tuesday of the little girl named Amrycle.

The little girl was in the backseat of the car when the tree fell and crushed the vehicle while it was traveling on SE 179th Street in Renton Monday night. The girl survived. But her mother, Deidra Clark, who was driving, was killed.

And Deidra's twin sister, Deitra Clark -- who was in the passenger seat -- was seriously injured. She is recovering at Harborview Medical Center.

Norman says he wants people to remember Deidra as a good mom.

Instead of wedding plans, he's making arrangements to celebrate Deidra's life.

"Figure out where to go from here, with the funeral and things like that," he said.

And he's searching for answers -- for a little girl who can't yet understand what she's even lost.

"I'm just kind of lost at what direction to go in right now," Norman said.

Norman said Deidra's sister is doing better in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center. He says she is breathing and doing better. But like him, she's heartbroken after losing Deidra.

Norman hopes Deidra's death will be a call to action for his neighbors and community leaders.

"Take care of this dead wood, these dead trees around the park where our children play," Norman said.