Tow trucks kept busy because of snowy, icy roads

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Christmas came right on time for tow truck drivers in our area.

The icy conditions on Christmas Eve continued into Monday morning, making Christmas drivers a nightmare for many in areas like Kirkland.

The fire department ended up shutting down roads after too many vehicles were left abandoned unable to make it up or down hills.

The ice is melting, but come morning, the hills will return to an ice rink.

"People, they don't realize how bad it is," said Anel Hasagic, who started his shift Sunday. He hasn't gone home yet.

"Streets are really, really bad."

The white Christmas many wished for turned streets across King, Pierce and Snohomish counties into ... parking lots.

"It's been just crazy, every single call was like an emergency call, so we were mostly doing accidents, that's the first thing you have to get on."

If it wasn't in the roadway -- or an emergency -- Hasagic says it still hasn't been retrieved.

"First of all, we cannot get to many of the places because it's just hard for the trucks and we don't want to risk" it.

Their backlog continues to grow, and he's ramping up for another doozy.

"It's wet so it's going to get icy so it's going to get bad again."

Kirkland police were out monitoring roads, telling drivers to take it slow and, if possible to just stay home.

But try telling that to 6-year-old Alex and his dad George.

"We got snow for Christmas..."

With stores closed, they're using a boogie board.

With roads closed, they're staying close to home.

If you end up stuck Sunday night or Monday on a roadway, police say call 911.