Tow companies working in overdrive & extreme winter conditions

Tow companies are working tirelessly through the extreme conditions and the calls are piling up. There have been countless incidents and collisions out on the roads this week.

"This past week, honestly, I wish it didn’t happen at all," said Yasser Emad, General Manager and owner of Guardian Towing. "It’s been really dangerous, really stressful, just every step you take is a potentially dangerous problem."

Daniel Kim’s vehicle was towed away after it was in a minor crash in Kirkland on Thursday. Kim said he was behind the wheel when he lost control on a hill and the vehicle crashed into another parked SUV on Tuesday.

"First of all, it was a horrible experience. I thought I would be fine being in snow because it’s an all-wheel drive vehicle," said Kim. "I kind of felt something weird so I stepped on the brake pedal and then I slid all the way, all the way down the hill until I hit the car. "Everyone is asking me like, ‘are you OK,’ and I’m like ‘yeah, I’m fine.’ I’m glad that there was no one in the vehicle that I hit."

Emad said his company is responding to about 30 calls a day since Sunday. As of Thursday, there were 80 calls on hold. He said emergencies take priority and no matter the weather conditions, employees respond to calls when a person’s life could be in danger.

"We go out to extreme conditions for people in extreme need. If you’re in harm’s way, we’re going to come out and get you. I’m hanging over a barrier, or I’m slammed into a car or into a tree," said Emad. "We had a vehicle that was actually on the edge, ready to fall off a cliff. So guys who were not using their best judgment when leaving their homes in this type of weather."

Otherwise, employees wait for conditions to improve before going out to calls. Right now, people needing a tow have to wait at least a couple days.

Emad said Guardian Towing’s slogan is "RISE," which is an acronym for Reliability, Integrity, Safety and Equality.

"Treat everybody with dignity and make sure that you’re there for anybody that needs you," said Emad. "We’re a part of this community and that’s our drive is how much services are we able to provide, and how much difference we can do in our community whether it’s through towing and charity services that we offer."

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