Touring band and volunteers help cleanup Lake Union

SEATTLE -- Dozens of people and a touring band from Australia cleaned up Terry Pettus Park on the southeast side of Lake Union Sunday.

"We have found grills, a hypodermic needle," said Christopher Joyce chapter coordinator for Sea Shepherds Seattle.

He said the main culprits Sunday were plastic silverware, straws and cigarette butts.

Touring Austrailian band In Hearts Wake joined the Sea Shepherds in the cleanup effort.  They have a project of their own called, The Waterborn Initiative, where they clean up beaches on their tour schedule.

Bandmate Jake Taylor said no matter where they go, they always find beaches that need cleaning.

"Every time we come it's amazing the amount of stuff we actually uncover and it's actually quite shocking. At some sites, we have five to 10,000 cigarette butts that we count," said Taylor.

This was the second annual cleanup at the park.