Top 5 traffic apps to change your commute

SEATTLE -- If the Seahawks victory parade showed us anything it’s how passionate the 12th Man can be - it was also a great example of how bad Seattle traffic can be.

Well, today we've got some apps that can help you get around town. Here are the Top 5 apps that can really change your commute, and cut back on the time you spend sitting in the car.

5) Waze --  Users report things like back-ups, collisions, police presence and other road alerts, enabling other users to avoid traffic snarls.

4) Beat the traffic  -- The biggest difference is the way this app gets their traffic information - they pull in their reports from official departments of transportation as well as corporate entities like Nokia to compile their roadway information.

3) Google maps -- A standard for anyone checking driving conditions. Should be a bookmark for all browsers.  

2) WSDOT's Traffic apps --  I got to hand it to WSDOT, their data gathering is generally more accurate and comprehensive than any commercial venture I’ve seen. So, for major highways and byways the apps and resources that WSDOT has available are the gold standard.

1) INRIX -- The INRIX people say their goal is simple -- "to solve traffic worldwide." This app compiles broadcast, user and state data for the most comprehensive compilation of information.