Toddler exposed to amphetamines while visiting Olympia park with family, authorities say

A toddler had to be taken to the hospital for amphetamine exposure after visiting the park with his family, the Thurston County Sheriff's Office says.

According to the agency, they received a call Tuesday afternoon from Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, saying a 21-month-old child tested positive for amphetamines. Staff informed the sheriff's office that the child's parents brought him in and said he was acting "erratically," unable to sit still or sleep.

Deputies spoke with the parents, who said they were at Burfoot Park on Monday from around 3–4:45 p.m. playing in the water. They then went to dinner, when they noticed the toddler acting unusually.

The mother said she suspected the child ingested something at the park, as he was touching things at the park and also touching his mouth.

The child was treated and released, and authorities say he is recovering at home and is doing well.

Officials say the incident spread rapidly on social media, with some posts embellishing the events or outright peddling misinformation.

The sheriff's office said they are not investigating the parents of the toddler, and they do not suspect any wrongdoing on their part. They also say the child was not exposed to methamphetamine, but an amphetamine—a similar substance, but still far less potent than the notorious drug.

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It is still not known how the toddler came into contact with amphetamines. Authorities say there were no signs of narcotics use at the park when deputies went to investigate, and no sign of narcotics use by the family.

If you see any suspicious substances, drug paraphernalia or notice suspicious activity, the sheriff's office urges you to call dispatch at (360) 704-2741, or if it is an emergency, call 911.