Tips for a safe Halloween

SEATTLE -- Law enforcement agencies across the Puget Sound say they’ll be stepping up DUI patrols this weekend as people celebrate Halloween. They also want to remind people of things they can do to stay safe while trick-or-treating with their children.

Police say one of the most important things people can do is to have on reflective clothing so it’s easier to see you at night.

Drivers should also slow down and be on the look out for children who may not see a car coming down the road.

Police also say parents should have a cell phone and a flashlight because some streets won’t have good lighting.

Children should be accompanied by an adult and when they want to cross a street, use a crosswalk or a street corner.

Safety advocates also have a few tips about the costumes children can wear.

“So it’s very important that when you buy your costumes, you buy them the correct size for your children. You don’t make them very long because they topple over, they get entangled in them, they fall down. The shoes that you buy for the costume, buy the correct size,” said Dr. Anita Jain with the Swedish Medical Center.

Dr. Jain also recommends that children’s costumes be non-flammable, light in color and if they wear a mask, make sure they can see through it.