Tim Eyman accused of stealing chair from Lacey Office Depot

LACEY, Wash. -- Tim Eyman, the man behind the $30 car tab movement, is accused of stealing a chair from an Office Depot store earlier this week.

A police report filed Wednesday in Lacey alleges Eyman took the $70 chair from its display area at the front of the store at 602 Sleater Kinney Rd. SE without paying for it.

Police say they identified the man in the video as Eyman using payment information he used to exchange a printer at the same store. Police say after allegedly wheeling the chair out of the store, Eyman returned a printer and got two other printers.

Lacey Police say the store's general manager reported the theft after noticing the display chair was missing from the front of the store and checking surveillance video.  Police say in their report that security video shows Eyman wearing one of the "Let the Voters Decide" shirts from his own anti-tax rallies, entering the store and stealing the chair.

The Seattle Times first reported on the alleged theft Friday afternoon.

Eyman provided a statement to Q13 News via email Friday, saying he contacted the Office Depot store and was referred to Lacey Police.

"I am expecting a call from the officer in charge to explain what happened," Eyman said via email. "I will cooperate fully in this process and will do whatever is required of me."

Police say in their report that they attempted to contact him about the incident after it initially happened.

Eyman recently made headlines after his initiative to cut car tabs to $30 in Washington garnered enough signatures to go to the Legislature for consideration.

The Legislature will decide whether to approve the lower vehicle registration and renewal fee as written in the initiative, but if it declines, the initiative will go to voters in November 2019.

The Wednesday police report was forwarded to prosecutors for a potential misdemeanor theft charge.

Here is the full surveillance video provided to Q13 News by Lacey Police: