Thurston County law enforcement create joint task force to find serial cat killer

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Law enforcement in Thurston County started a joint task force to help find the person who they believe is responsible for killing and mutilating 13 cats.

On Thursday, law enforcement says they found the 13th cat in a series of killings that date back to October.

The killings started off gradually, but now the Thurston County Sheriff's Office say the killings are happening every couple days.

“It’s highly concerning for any pet owner,” said sheriff's Lt. Tim Rudloff.

Rudloff is a cat owner, but he says you do not have to have a cat or even like them to realize how serious this situation is becoming.

“When you have a serial killer of animals, he is most likely not going to stay at killing animals,” he said. “You could grab any book on any serial killer that has ever been in our society and you will see at one point the majority of them likely started off killing animals,” Rudloff added.

Rudloff says the new task force is made up of six members of law enforcement from Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey, Animal Services and the sheriff’s office.

They will go to every crime scene from this point on to investigate.

Rudloff says they do have leads; also, there is DNA evidence. However, that evidence could take months to come back, Rudloff says.

There has been no images or security camera footage of a suspect yet, and there is no actual suspect information.

“I’m convinced the way we catch this predator is with information from people in our community,” said Rudloff.

Rudloff says these killings are not random, and it’s possible the killer has future victims already planned out.

He says if you’re a cat owner in Thurston County, don’t let yourself become a victim

Take heed to this warning, it could be your cat next. So, please If you have a pet cat, keep it in doors right now.

Here are the dates and locations of where the cats have been found:


10/27/2107 6922 Mill Ct SE (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

7/4/2018 1015 Decatur St SW in Decatur Park (Olympia PD)

7/26/2018  5225 Yelm Hwy at Capitol City Golf Course (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

8/2/2018 1102 Langridge Drive SW in the front yard (Olympia PD)

8/5/2018 1705 6th Ave SW in the front yard (Olympia PD)

8/7/2018 3131 29th Ave SW (Tumwater PD)

8/15/2018  Yonkers Dr SE and Clearbrook DR SE in field close to road (Lacey PD)

8/15/218 605 North St (Tumwater PD)

8/17/2018 1335 Woodglen St SE (North of address in wooded area-Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

8/20/2018 Lily Rd and Plummer Rd SE (Olympia PD)

8/22/2018 9101 Se Steilacoom RD (Washington Land Yacht Harbor) (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

8/22/20 540 School ST SE at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

8/28/2018 3801 Pacific Ave SE (Olympia PD)


The reward for this case has increased again this week. It is now up to $36,000.