Three teens arrested as suspects in fatal shooting at homeless encampment

SEATTLE – Three suspects were arrested Monday night in connection with the fatal shooting in “The Jungle” wooded homeless encampment last week, police sources told Q13 FOX.

All three suspects are juveniles and of Samoan decent, sources said. They are 13, 16 and 17 years old.

The arrested happened near Century Link Field, near 4th Ave. S. and Royal Brougham Way.

“Catching those responsible for the senseless act of violence has been the focus of our efforts since our patrol officers arrived on the scene," Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole said.

“I certainly don’t think it was random. I believe the parties knew each other prior to this particular event."

Asked about the suspects' ages, O'Toole said, “I think it’s always shocking when young people are involved. When I heard the ages of all three I was shocked by it and again it’s a tragedy on so many levels buyt the bottom line is that this was a horrific crime and we have to bring people to justice.”

Police said they also recovered a gun that matches one of the caliber weapons used in the shootings last week.

The shooting left two people dead and three more wounded. Police have said the victims were specifically targeted.

The King County Medical Examiner's Office on Wednesday identified the deceased as James Q Tran, 33, and Jeannine Zapata, 45.  The office said they both died of multiple gunshot wounds.