Three brothers film racial tirade on Portland MAX train

PORTLAND - Three brothers travelling on a MAX train in Portland last weekend recorded a man calling people the n-word and trying to swipe away one of their phones after he saw he was being filmed.

OregonLive first reported the story Tuesday afternoon.

Twenty-one-year-old Emilio Herrera told OregonLive that he was traveling with his younger brothers when he heard a man yelling racial epithets at a black woman near the front of the train. He said they approached the man and told him to stop.

WARNING: There is very offensive language in this video.

"No one deserves to be called anything like that," Herrera said.

The video shows the man shouting epithets at the boys and swiping at the phone. They said he eventually got off the train, but that after the video was over, he got back on and yelled at them to delete the video.