Thousands still without power in Snohomish County following snowstorm

Snohomish County was hit especially hard by this week's snowstorm. Thousands of residents were still without power Thursday afternoon.

Crews worked through long lists of people who were out of power in the Edmonds area earlier that morning.

"They were cracking and snapping and big flashes of light," said resident Bob Hedlunds, pointing out where large trees came down in his neighborhood.

Bob and dog Kota live in Edmonds near Ballinger Park. He said the snow created chaos with the power lines, putting on a light show as they twisted and snapped under the weight of the branches. Bob said he used a generator to keep a couple lights on, and kept warm with a wood stove until repairs could be made.

"That little generator was a tiny little thing, but it was enough to keep us going," said Bob. "It was just like, you could see the trees coming down—flashes of purple light—and you’re like, ‘What am I, in Disneyland?’"

"It continues to be all hands on deck, we have about 30 crews out in the field working to get power back to all of our customers," said Kellie Stickney with Snohomish County PUD.

Stickney said the biggest challenge has been the weight of the heavy snow, with trees and branches bringing lines down as they came crashing down.

"We had that storm a few weeks ago, as I’m sure folks recall. So, we had tough situation where we had really distressed trees from that storm that were already distressed by the summer. We got hit by the really wet snow, and we had a lot of branches down," said Stickney.

At the peak of the storm, Stickney said there were around 43,000 people without power. She said that number had been reduced to around 2,500 by Thursday afternoon.

"We had entire trees come down and take out entire poles," said Stickney.

Snohomish County Public Works crews were also still working hard to keep the roads clear Thursday.

"We started 12-hour shifts at midnight last night. So, what’s been happening is that it gets a little bit warm during the day, it melts all this now, and then it freezes hard at night causing black ice to occur on many roads across the county," said Kelly Snyder with Public Works.

Public Works is responsible for nearly 1,650 miles of county-maintained roads.

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Snohomish County Public Works crews have reportedly plowed nearly 8,000 miles of road and used around 4,000 gallons of anti-icing liquid this week.

Snyder said at least one road in the county remained closed Thursday due to an issue with power lines.

"There’s Lord Hill and 127th. It’s closed because power lines are down, not because of the snow," said Kelly Snyder.

Kellie Stickney said crews are hopeful they will get power back online for everyone by Friday morning.