Thousands of peaceful protesters gather and march in Rainier Beach

SEATTLE -- Thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle in support of black lives and an end to violence. The event started at Othello Park and continued with a march down Rainier Avenue South. The march ended with a gathering and speeches at the Rainier Avenue Safeway parking lot.

People of all races, backgrounds, and ages marched on Sunday. Even a group, identifying themselves as the Black Cowboys rode in on horseback.

"It’s a very powerful moment, this is history, and we’re going to be a part of this history. Hopefully this movement actually makes a change," said one of the riders, who did not want to be identified by name.

For others like Andrea Clingscales and her family, being at the march was important. She said she decided to come after having a disturbing call from her sister, who lives in Oregon.

“My sister said there’s no such thing as racism. Even though she’s my sister, I’m protesting that," she said.

They brought their baby to the protest as well.

“We want to raise her right. We want to raise her that just because of the color of her skin doesn’t mean that we’re privileged over another," said the baby's father Adam Russell.

Once the crowd made their way down Rainier Avenue South, they all gathered again at the Safeway parking lot there.  Many community leaders spoke on neighborhood gentrification, police brutality and many issues affecting the black community.

"In order for Black Lives to matter, black communities have to matter," said K. Wyking Garrett, of Africatown Community Land Trust.

Community organizer Nikkita Oliver spoke as well.

"We must organize ourselves, we must make sure the political establishment does not divide us from one another," Oliver said.

The event was peaceful and for many who attended, it was impactful.

“Everybody’s voices matter, every march we take matters, everything we do matters," said Jamarco Green from south Seattle.