This weekend starts the '100 deadliest days of summer' on the roads for teens

This weekend kicks off the 100 deadliest days of summer, a time period where teenage deaths drastically increase while on the roads.

Over the last few months, there has been a concerning number of deaths behind the wheel in the region.

In Pierce County, officials report about 20 fatal car crashes so far this year, which officials say, is nearly the total number of deaths they usually see behind the wheel for the whole year.

In Seattle, officials report two people died in separate motorcycle crashes just a few hours apart on Friday. 

Officials are concerned the number of fatal crashes will only increase as restrictions are lifted, and the weather gets nice leading to more people on the road.

The summer months are also a historically dangerous time of year for teenagers behind the wheel. In fact this weekend starts what is known as "the 100 deadliest days of summer."

The 100 deadliest days of summer are the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day where the number of teenager deaths behind the wheel drastically increases.

Reports say on average, about 260 teens are killed every month during the summer; that is 26% higher than any other months of the year.

What experts say is now is the time to remind your young drivers to be extra cautious on the roads and specifically focus on avoiding distractions, like cell phones, as well as other passengers in the car.

Reports say distracted driving causes 60% of teen crashes.

"I just need to make sure he knows how to really take that time and watch out, "said Maigan Barnett.

Barnett is the mom of a teenager. This summer will be his first behind the wheel. Barnett says she always makes sure to remind him to stay safe every time he leaves the house.

 "Watch out for other people, and you need to watch where you’re going, and go the speed limit. The speed limit is a big thing," she said.

Pierce County Sheriff officials say speeding plays into a big part of the reason so many crashes are fatal.

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