Thieves target cars in Lake Stevens neighborhood

LAKE STEVENS -- The cavalero Ridge subdivision in Lake Stevens is a very close knit community and everyone has something in common; they`ve all had their cars tampered with and or broken into.

"In the middle of the night, anytime between midnight and 3am,” neighbor Vern Lamar said.

Like a lot of people here Vern Lamar has cameras mounted on his house, so does his neighbor.

Both captured video of two men attempting to break-in cars eight days ago.

"If the doors are unlocked then he gets in rifles around finds anything he can and then goes on to the next house and he's just covering the whole neighborhood,” Lamar said.

Neighbors say its happened at least three times in the last couple of months.

"These people are working hard for their belongings and someone just goes and takes them,” neighbor Leanne Havranek said.

Leanne Havranek shot video of the man breaking into a jeep across from her house while at the same time another man was checking the vehicles in her driveway.

Police believe the two men were probably working together.

"I was really anxious. I just felt very violated. One of the other neighbors commented that they took a lot of stuff out of theirs and they had backpacks so they were just filling them up and it's right before Christmas so it's really sad,” Havranek said.

Police say car prowls, stolen mail and other property crimes have become a big problem in a one and a half square mile area around the neighborhood.

Police have increased patrols and, they hope someone will recognize the man in the video.

Neighbors hope so too.

"It's one thing if they come through once and just go away but this seems to be a continual problem so it's very frustrating that we can't seem to get it to stop,” Lamar said.

If you recognize the man in the video call 911.