Thieves steal thousands in copper wire

OLYMPIA – The city of Olympia says it’s seeing an increase in copper wire thefts in recent months.

Last week, around 5,000 feet of wire was stolen from city streetlights along 18th Avenue SE between Craig Road and Karen Frazier Road. The thefts were roughly estimated to cost the city $7,500 in losses.

While most businesses are insured and covered a theft loss, Olympia is self-insured, and will not receive compensation for the stolen wire. Officials working in Olympia said These thefts also pose dangers on the roads., with affected areas remaining dark until crews can rewire the lights.

If you have any information about the recent thefts, contact the Olympia Police Department at 360-753-8300 and reference case number 13-3590. If you ever see a theft in progress, call 911. officials said.