Thieves steal seven high-powered guns, ammo from veteran's truck

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Thieves stole a small arsenal of high-powered rifles and pistols from a gun collector's truck outside the La Quinta Inn in Bellingham.

Thieves broke into Aaron Koentges' truck  and stole a total of seven firearms and 750 rounds of ammunition.

It happened early Sunday morning, where Koentges, a disabled vet, is staying with his family while they look for permanent housing. They just moved to the state from Colorado.

He said the only reason he left the weapons locked in his truck was because he was told the La Quinta Inn has a ‘no firearms’ policy on the premises.

“I was trying to abide by their policy by not bringing firearms in. Unfortunately, that left my weapons vulnerable," said Koentges. “That's one of my hugest regrets ...  where they're (weapons) going to go and what could possibly happen with them.”

Koentges didn’t just report the theft to police but has turned to to alert others.

Bellingham Police says while not illegal to leave guns in your vehicle, it isn’t advisable. They’re currently looking at surveillance video from neighboring businesses to see if they can get a better idea of who’s responsible.