Thieves leave empty-handed from attempted smash-and-grab burglary in north Seattle

Surveillance footage shows several people trying to break into an Ace Hardware in Seattle's Maple Leaf neighborhood early Tuesday morning.

A white Nissan and black Lexus pull up to the storefront before 3 a.m. and within minutes, the Lexus rams into the store. 

When that attempt is unsuccessful, the driver of the Lexus gets out and starts using what appears to be a hammer to smash the front. The suspects still could not make it inside, and eventually gave up.

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(File / FOX 13)

According to Ace Hardware managers, nothing was stolen and no employees were hurt.

They were, however, left with broken windows and doors, amounting to nearly $10,000 in damages.

The two vehicles were last seen leaving on E 90th St.

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A report has been filed and the Seattle Police Department says this case is still pending.