Thief takes dump truck and backhoe from family businesses

LAKEWOOD -- John Alcorn has worked hard over the last 38 years to build his family owned business and he says a thief took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment from his lot the day after Christmas.

"All they know how to do is take something from somebody else and they deserve to go to jail," Alcorn said.

Alcorn owns AA Asphalting. He owns over a dozen dump trucks and all of them are out on jobs six days a week. On the Monday after Christmas, he noticed someone had broken through his locked gates at stole a dump truck, backhoe, trailer and other tools and tires.

Police say a heavy duty heist like this is very rare, What makes the case really maddening for Alcorn is that he thinks the crook is driving his truck around Pierce County.

"A couple of my employees, they chased it down yesterday and couldn’t catch it in traffic," he said.

Alcorn hopes someone will recognize his truck on the streets and call police.