Thief steals package containing formula off family's front porch in Tacoma

A family in Tacoma said a porch pirate stole a small package off their property that contained what they consider to be liquid gold.

Ring surveillance video shows a man in red shorts, a white shirt, Fila slippers and a chain necklace going up their front steps on early Saturday evening. The family said the box that was stolen had two canisters of formula.

"This guy grabbed the package that was on the porch, and then he ran off down the driveway, and then a car pulled up the driveway, he hopped in it, and then they drove off," said Matt Meyerdirk. "I was just like, Georgia, what’s going on here. What was that package, and she ended up looking it up, and it was the formula."

Georgia and Matt Meyerdirk said their now 15-month-old son Oliver is getting most of his calories from a specialty formula they purchase directly from an overseas vendor. 

"That’s the hard part is… this doesn’t matter to them, but it matters to us," said Georgia. "I don’t think he feels any remorse, and the worst part is, he can’t sell that formula."

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Oliver was born six weeks premature and feeding him was challenging from the very beginning, according to the Meyerdirk’s.

"So, in the beginning, we had to switch different formulas and one of the formulas we couldn’t get, so it was super frustrating because he’s special, and he needs special food," said Georgia. "There was like a week or two where [the doctor is] telling me to get a formula that isn’t on the shelves. I would go to like four different stores, and it’s not there."

Families across the U.S. have been faced with empty shelves due to the ongoing baby formula shortage. In recent days, thousands of tins of formula arrived from Australia as part of President Biden and Health and Human Services "Operation Fly Formula."

As for the Meyerdirk’s, this porch pirate got away with about a week’s worth of food that cost about $50 for their son.

"We’ve been fortunate enough we’re going to be able to get some more," said Matt.

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"He basically probably just threw it in the trash and that’s the hardest part," said Georgia. 

The family plans on installing additional surveillance cameras and working with neighbors to keep an eye on suspicious activity. They also will no longer be sending packages to their home, but receiving them at either work or area drop boxes.