Thief steals California dog's surfboards just before competition

POMONA, Calif. - Residents in the Philips Ranch neighborhood of Pomona say someone prowling around vehicles late at night broke into one woman's van - making off with her dog's surfboards.

Susan Gan's dog, Giselle, loves to surf, and she's made it more than a hobby. Giselle is a competitive surfer, and she already has a few wins to her name.

After a thief broke into Gan's van early Monday morning, it looked like Giselle might end up landlocked.

A homeowner caught a man lurking around her vehicle on surveillance footage that night. Later on, Gan's van was hit just down the street. Residents believe it was likely the same man.

The thief stole two surfboards, and it could not have come at a worse time for Susan and Giselle. The dog was set to compete this weekend in Northern California.

Fortunately, Giselle's sponsor was able to loan her a few boards.

"We will not be able to completely customize it before we leave on Wednesday night. We'll do it well enough where we can compete," Gan said.

Gan is happy Giselle will still be out on the water this weekend, but for her, those boards are important.

"The board holds a lot of memories for us. She has won many championships with those boards," Gan said. "All I want is for the people who took those boards to bring them back. No questions asked."