'They were like family': People in Everett say iconic appliance store destroyed in fire will be missed

EVERETT, Wash. - People in Everett say the Judd and Black Appliance store was more than just a business; it was a part of the community.

Friday, Everett Fire responded to a three-alarm fire at the appliance store on the 3000 block of Hewitt Avenue.

People stood around the building as flames stretched into the night sky.

The next day, roads were still closed around the appliance store.

“I came down and saw the road was closed and thought, 'I can’t believe it’s gone,'” said Kim Garriott.

Garriott says she remembers here parents buying appliances from Judd and Black in the '60s. She says she’s continued to shop there as an adult but says shopping at Judd and Black is more than just her family’s tradition.

“It’s not just an appliance,” said Garriott. “They were like family."

Garriott says as big of a loss as it is for her and the community, she’s most concerned about the people who worked at the appliance store.

“It is family-owned, and I think about all the people who will need to figure out what to do,” she said.

Fire officials say they have not figured out what caused the fire.

There were no reported injuries.