'They looked extremely legit': Sheriff's office has warning after MLS Cup ticket scam

SEATTLE – Eager fans packed into CenturyLink Field Sunday and broke attendance records for the Seattle Sounders FC against Toronto FC MLS Cup game. It’s a game Greg thought he’d be attending.

“I agreed to meet them downtown and they gave me a nice envelope with Ticketmaster tickets printed out front and back. They looked extremely legit,” said Greg, who declined to give his last name.

Greg paid $450 for three tickets in hopes of experiencing a once in a lifetime game in Seattle. Those tickets didn’t scan at the gate.

“Well that’s the main reason I was doing this. I wanted to create a memory for ,” said Greg. “To be taken for a good amount of money is one thing, but then you’ve got your son at the gate and he can’t get in and there’s nothing else you can do.”

Greg quickly took action and purchased a pair of legitimate tickets for an additional $370. His son and son’s mom would get the chance to experience the MLS Cup winning game for the Sounders.

As for Greg, he went to a nearby bar to watch the game.

“I wish to God people would try to be decent to one another and stop doing this kind of thing. It’s not right,” said Greg about the ticket scam. “It’s hurting the people who are working hard. Just try to be a good person.”

The King County Sheriff’s Office said this happens during every major sporting event.

“We urge people, if they’re going to do any type of ticket business buy it directly from the stadium, even buying it from people outside the stadium, I’d be very hesitant to buy it there as well because you run into the same problem,” said Sgt. Ryan Abbott.

Abbott said if you do get scammed, call 911 and file a police report about the incident.