'There was a shotgun in my face:' Victim describes terrifying attempted robbery

SEATTLE, Wash. -- A North Seattle neighborhood is on edge after two thieves pulled a gun on a man in his car during a robbery attempt. It happened Tuesday night, and now the victim is offering a reward to try to stop these men from striking again.

Andrew Robins describes the seconds before the terrifying encounter in his Maple Leaf neighborhood.

"I was just sitting in here like this reading my mail, and then looked up and there was a shotgun in my face," Robins said from his car.

Robins said on Tuesday night just after 10, a man walked up to his car, demanded cash and then told him to get out of his car.

"You know, I replayed it a thousand times in my head and my initial shock was well that’s a shotgun," said Robins. "It was more along the lines of anger like 'who’s this guy and he’s trying to take my stuff.'"

Robins said he then tried to escape.

"I grabbed the barrel and pushed it up with my left arm and my right arm I slam my car into drive but my e-brake is gone and I’m parked two feet behind another car," said Robins. "I don’t know if the barrel was sawed off or not and that’s what made it sharper, but it got caught really hard on the piercing."

Neighbors said they feel pretty safe despite the crime, but Seattle police report robberies in the North Precinct are up 36 percent from this time last year.

Robins is sharing now sharing his story online, through sites like reddit. He's also offering a $1000 reward so his experience isn't one someone else has to relive.