'There are children out there that are homeless with families': Search for baby spotlights bigger problem

SEATTLE -- A 10-month-old homeless child in Seattle was reported missing early Friday She was later found safe, but a community leader says the girl's disappearance puts a spotlight on just how bad the homeless problem has become in Western Washington.

“People need to realize that there are children out there that are homeless with families,” said Star Lalario, founder of Babies of Homelessness, a local organization that provides essentials to homeless kids and their families.

“It’s emotional a lot of the times,” said Lalario.

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According to Lalario, when most people think of those living on the streets, children aren’t usually the ones who come to mind. Because of them, she said she’s made it her mission through Babies of Homelessness to make sure they’re not forgotten.

“I just want to give them what they need, no questions asked,” said Lalario. “No barriers, just get the child what they need.”

Lalario said she’s seen a lot of children living in cars, vans, and even bouncing around from shelter to shelter. So when she first heard police were looking for the 10-month-old girl, she told Q13 News, right away she thought of the kids she’s come across.

“That one child you just helped, there are 50 others behind there that you haven’t even seen yet,” said Lalario.

She said in this case, she believes this 10-month-old child is now putting a face to a real problem in our region.

"We can't just turn our head and think that this is just too big of a problem to address, because there's vulnerable children living out there,” Lalario said.

For more information on Babies of Homelessness, click here (hyperlink: http://www.babiesofhomelessness.org/)