'The worst nightmare of my life:' Tacoma woman mourns husband killed in Afghanistan

TACOMA -  A Tacoma woman is mourning the loss of her husband, who was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan.

Staff Sgt. Matthew McClintock was killed Jan. 5 while trying to rescues a fellow soldier.

His wife of two years is mourning the loss of her husband as she’s left raising their only child.

“The last week has been the worst nightmare of my life,” Alexandra McClintock said Thursday, “I don’t know when it’ll start to feel real.”

Matthew McClintock died during a mission in Afghanistan trying to rescue a fellow soldier who’d been shot. As his team worked to rescue their friend, Matthew was shot and killed.

“He didn’t die alone," Alexandra McClintock said from her Tacoma home. "His buddy turned around and ran to my husband’s side and was there with him until he took his last breath."

As an Army Green Beret, Matthew didn’t hesitate to go into dangerous conditions to get the job done.

“He would selflessly sacrifice himself again and again," Alexandra McClintock said. "He and the other Green Beret’s do it without regard of their own safety so they can insure we have the freedom’s we have."

Alex last saw Matthew in October, when he came home for two weeks for his son’s birth.

“All he ever wanted was to be a dad, and I hate that it only got to be for two weeks,” Alexandra said.

In November, Matthew headed back for the last few months of his tour.

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to raise a little boy without his daddy," Alexandra said. "I don’t know how I’d get through this without my baby, because that little man is my husband’s legacy and I intend to make sure he honors that and knows how much of a hero his dad was."

Alex has so many memories of the two of them and so many adventures that she will always cherish.

“I remember what my husband hands felt like on my cheek," she said. "I remember the way his strawberry ChapStick tasted, I remember all of that."

A Christmas card Matthew sent arrived just two days ago. It’s one of the last things Alex received from Matthew and one she’ll always keep close to her heart.

The story is touching people around the world. A GoFundMe page has raised more than $122,000 dollars for the family.

“I have everything; a husband that loves me," Alexandra said. "It’s a love that fairy tales don’t even begin to come close to and I got to experience that and now it’s gone and it doesn’t feel real."