The Three R's: Reading, 'riting and reefer

Courtesy LA Times

SEATTLE -- A voluntary survey of Seattle Public School students showed while alcohol use, bullying and sexual activity in teens and young adults declined slightly during the past two years, a surprisingly large number of students who smoke pot get their weed from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Seattle Public Schools released data from the 2012 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Tuesday. The survey, taken every two years by students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12, focused on attitudes and the prevalence of gangs, physical activity, suicide, sexual activity, bullying and substance use.

More than 1,700 students were anonymously asked a range of questions, including if they were bullied in the past month, if they had drank alcohol or smoked marijuana in the past month and if they suffered from depression. The survey is used to help identify and monitor factors crucial to students' well-being, Seattle Public Schools Student Health Networking Program Supervisor Lisa Sharp.

While a number of risky behaviors decreased by a slight margin, marijuana use among high schoolers increased slightly. More surprisingly, 39 percent of high schoolers who smoked marijuana got the pot from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 18 states.

Among other survey results:

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