The Tacoma Dome's $31 million facelift nearly complete

TACOMA, Wash. -- Construction crews are scrambling to get some last-minute work done on the Tacoma Dome.

The landmark venue is trying to complete a $31 million facelift before it re-opens this weekend.

Not everything will be finished in the next few days, but crews plan to have the essentials ready in time for the first event.

"Tomorrow, we're moving in an RV show here on this flat floor space and construction will continue around that show on things like our restrooms and artist's quarters," Kim Bedier, Tacoma venue and events director said.

The renovation includes more comfortable seating, a big boost in restrooms and a number of security improvements.

Officials plan to have all the work done in time for a series of concerts next month. The Tacoma Dome hosts about 75-100 events a year.