'The right song at the right time': Arlington High School choir standing in solidarity against racism

ARLINGTON, Wash.-- Timing is everything, which is why the Arlington High School Flight Choir decided to release their version of “Rise Up," a song that was initially intended as their graduation song.  Given the current unrest across the globe, the choir decided this was the right song at the right time.

AHS Principal Duane Fish says they are sharing this with anyone who will listen because it's a message that needs to be heard.

“We need to change, and that’s what this is all about… is just letting our students of color know, and again particularly our black families, that we are with them and we hear them, we see them, and we love them, that’s what it’s all about," Fish says.

Choir Director Heidi Forslund says as they stand in solidarity against racism, this song is dedicated to black students, staff members and families in the community.

The AHS Flight Choir includes six members of the 2020 graduating class.

AHS is set to hold their virtual graduation June 18th.