The rain returns ... but the weekend is looking good so far

SEATTLE -- After a terrific Tuesday with a few places getting into the 60-degree club, rain is coming back in the forecast. We’ve already had 52% of the normal April rainfall and we’re not even two weeks into the month.

Rain arrived around 10 p.m. in the South Sound and was to move north during the overnight hours.

On Wednesday, we'll see the steady rain taper off around 6 a.m., as the rain continues to track to the north, Q13 News Meteorologist Tim Joyce said Tuesday. "We’ll see on/off showers for most of the day on Wednesday with some steady bands of rain for late Wednesday night. Highs will be in the mid 50s."

Showers and sunbreaks on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday there will likely be a nice mix of clouds and sun by the afternoon. And Easter Sunday should be a pleasant, dry day with highs in the 55-60 range.