The nest is gone, but a few Asian hornets remain on Whatcom County man's property

Despite crews removing the nest, a few giant Asian hornets remain on one man’s property in Whatcom County. 

Washington State Department of Agriculture crews removed the first Asian Hornet nest found in the United States.

The nest was found in a wooded area behind a home in Blaine.

A few days later, Jaime Polinder says he is still seeing "murder" hornets around his home.

"That’s just a small one; that’s just a worker," he said.

Traps are set up around Polinder’s house. He says officials told him to expect the possibility of some worker hornets attempting to return to the nest they removed.

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When Q13 News got to Polinder’s home, an Asian hornet was caught in one of the traps.

"I wish they weren’t here at all," he said.

Polinder says the nest was found just a few feet away from where his children usually play. He says It’s scary to know it had been on his property, so close to his family, for such a long time.

"It’s definitely nerve-racking, and it’s a gut wrench, like, ‘Holy cow that thing could land on me and sting,' or it could have killed one of my kids," he said.

Polinder is notifying officials for every Asian hornet he finds on his property. He says he’ll be happy when they are all gone.