The CHOP may be gone, but it seems protesters aren't going anywhere

Another night of clashes between protesters and police ended with 10 more arrests near the former occupied protest zone in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

Police say three people were arrested about 10 p.m. Thursday for vandalizing the West Precinct, and another seven were arrested about 1 a.m. near Broadway and East Pine Street for assault, harassment and failure to disperse.

Officers who have been guarding the former occupied protest zone known as the CHOP say the arrests came after protesters threw bottles, rocks and fireworks at them. 

Broadway and Pine has been the site of repeated clashes between protesters and police. The disruptions have caused repeated road closures in the area. 

Thursday night's arrests follow 25 arrests Wednesday night and dozens of arrests Wednesday morning, the day police dismantled the CHOP in response to an executive order from Mayor Jenny Durkan

The CHOP came to life more than three weeks ago, when continued conflict between police and protesters rallying against racial injustice and the death of George Floyd in Minnesota prompted SPD to abandon its East Precinct on Capitol Hill. 

The protest site quickly became the center of controversy as it grew increasingly violent, with two teens shot and killed and three other people shot and wounded. There was also an uptick in reported assaults, as police would not enter the zone unless it was a life-threatening emergency. 

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr., a 19-year-old who was shot and killed in the CHOP, died while waiting on an ambulance that wasn't able to enter the zone because police had such a hard time trying to clear the area for emergency access. 

Police returned to East Precinct building Wednesday morning. 

The executive order that ended the CHOP is still in effect for the next eight days. Police say they will remain stationed in the area near the East Precinct and continue to arrest people who don't comply with orders to leave.