Terrifying fake kidnapping scam hits Thurston, Mason counties

Mason and Thurston County residents have found themselves on the end of a terrifying kidnapping ransom scheme recently, the Mason County sheriff’s office warned in a press release.

Residents are receiving calls from somebody claiming to have kidnapped one of the victim’s loved ones. Often, the caller will have personal information from social media about the alleged kidnapping victim.

In the background, the caller will have a child yell things like “Mommy!” or “help!” to scare the victim into complying with the demands.

The caller will then demand a ransom to be paid through either a wire-transfer or prepaid credit cards.

The call with come through with a Mexico prefix on caller ID.

“If you receive a call that a person has been kidnapped or endangered, advise the caller that you will follow their instructions,” Mason County sheriff Casey Salisbury said in a press release. “Once you hang up, immediately call 911 to report the situation. Then, verify the safety of the loved one that was allegedly kidnapped or endangered.”