Tentative revised Seattle public school calendar released; mid-winter break shortened

SEATTLE -- To make up for lost school days because of a teachers strike, Seattle Public Schools on Friday issued a tentative, revised school calendar that includes a shortened winter break.

Seattle Public Schools said the revised calendar was finalized with the teachers' union, the Seattle Education Association, but the changes must be approved by the school district's Board of Directors on Oct. 7.

School Year Calendar Changes:

With the Board's approval, the following days will now be regular school days:

    State law requires school districts to conduct a school year of no less than 180 school days for grades 1-12, and 180 half-days of instruction, or the equivalent, in kindergarten.

    "The district and its partners needed to meet that requirement and looked for the best options for adjusting the calendar that works for families," the school district said on its website.