Teen suspect found dead in Lake Washington after machete attack against grandmother

SEATTLE  --  A machete attack in the middle of the day ended with a grandmother in the hospital.  Police found the suspect, her 16-year-old grandson, dead in the waters of Lake Washington.

This happened in South Seattle near 57th Ave. S. and S. Pilgrim St.  Police had to shut down a two-mile stretch of Rainier Avenue South for about two hours.

Investigators say the grandmother called 911 just after noon Monday, saying her 16-year-old grandson had attacked her with a machete and then took off, running through the neighborhood.

“Down the hill, down the steps, across Rainier Avenue, straight down the lake,” says neighbor, Cass Stewart.

Police say tips from neighbors nearby helped them track down the teen, just two miles south.

“Oh yeah, a lot of activity for that, we figured it was something serious,” says Stewart.

Police say they finally found the teen deceased in the water. A lot to take in for people who watched it all unfold across the two mile stretch of road.

As for how the teen died, Seattle Police say the King County Medical Examiner will determine the cause and manner of death. The grandmother was taken to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition.