Teen pulled from water in grave condition

SEATTLE -- Search crews looked over 45 minutes for a teen who slipped under the surface of the water and never came back up for air near Mount Baker Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say they heard yelling and screaming for help late that afternoon.

Dejanae Johnson said, "I see this other teenage boy running from in the water yelling help help and he’s pointing as he’s yelling. His friend’s hand is up in the water but his friend is going under the water."

Thick vegetation made the search difficult. Fire fighters say they eventually found the 17 year-old in 15 feet of water. They said he was just a stones throw from shore and was not wearing a life jacket at the time.

Seattle Fire Fighter, Timothy Clark, said, "Days like this, everyone is having fun and a good time and we all think we’re bullet proof and this fellow was probably a real good swimmer."

Aid crews began CPR immediately and rushed the boy to Harborview. Fire fighters say he was not breathing. At this time we do not know his condition.