Teen cheerleader's Facebook page has thousands outraged online

CLEBURNE, Tex – A teen cheerleader and wannabe reality TV star woke up Tuesday to discover she is trending on Facebook thanks to some rather graphic photos she posted on her page.

Kendall Jones, 19, has posted countless photos on Facebook page of her posing alongside the bodies of rare African animals she hunts on safari.


“I am from the great state of Texas pursuing my adventures in hunting,” writes Jones in her Facebook bio. “I am looking to host a tv show in January 2015.”

But thousands of outraged Facebook users have descended on the teen’s page accusing her of animal cruelty and worse.

“Shooting and killing animal may make you feel more of a woman but it makes you less of a human being,” wrote one such commenter, Wendy Patterson.

An online petition demanding Facebook remove the page had more than 49-thousand signatures Tuesday morning.

Another petition asking African governments to ‘ban and deny access’ to Kendall had more than 65-hundred signatures as well.

For her part Kendall has several recent posts talking about animal conservation and defending her hunts.